Misfit Pearl & the Odd Fellows

Corn fed Kentucky raised singer, songwriter & raconteur, Jane Pearl is a rare thing. A genuine wordsmith [when she can remember them]. Drawing from all four marriages and using all four chords Jane brings you heartfelt, humorous, well crafted wry vignettes on modern life. Through the medium of Americana, her talent drips from her kitchen table, drops to the floor and saddles up on an epic quest across Monmouthshire [her present home] into the ears of any freeminer, hobo or chartered accountant passing through the West Gloucestershire badlands.

Jane has spent nearly a decade knitting and crocheting two band members that add finesse and groove to what she descibes as a "mighty fine trio". Multi-instrumentalist Lyndon Webb, a purveyor of an original 1980s ponytail, on guitars and Thad Kelly, owner of two shopping scooters, on bass. Odd indeed.


Odd Fellow #2

Thick strings, Vocals

Misfit Pearl

Vocals, Plinky strings

Odd Fellow #1

Thin strings, Vocals

News of the Odd

You Tube
Check out the 'Soft Little Hands' video on YouTube or the music page, big thanks to Squiff Creative Media

New Tracks
We work on new & old tunes all the time, check our music page, The 'Odds" are currently working on a new CD ready for the winter 2017.... [honest].

Janes past catalogue includes 'Big Nanna', 'My United Kingdom', 'Live@the Savoy', 'Eclectic Savvy' these are best obtained direct from a live gig!

29th April the Three Tuns

26th May the Bell

2nd June the Koffie Pot
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